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Welcome, welcome, welcome! I’m Robin: small business owner, wife, busy mom, former teacher, and now BLOGGER! I’m so excited to be launching my new website — robinaudi.com — a hub for all things LuLaRoe and home to my new blog. I’ll be sharing styling tips, ways to maximize your wardrobe, and snip-its of my life. Thanks for coming along for the ride 😉

I want to start by introducing myself and sharing my journey with you.

New Blog, Who Dis?

It’s me, Robin; boutique owner and personal stylist. I help women look effortlessly put together. LuLaRoe Robin Audi is a Houston-based clothing boutique that I run out of my home. I carry on-trend, affordable clothing fit for every body size from XXS-3XL. You’ll find an ever-changing selection of styles and prints from denim jeans to summer dresses, graphic tees to athleisure. 

I am a social retailer. My business is built on relationships, referrals, and social media connections. I do most of my business online where I’ve built a community of awesome women. You’ll see me creating and posting outfits, styling clients, running Facebook Live shows, offering styling tips, and sharing bits of my life. I pride myself on the individual attention I provide to each shopper, online or in person — I aim to be a service business, not just a transactional one. I answer every message, DM, email, and request myself and enjoy showing women how to style themselves in every season.

Now, I’m in my third year of business, and the journey has been anything but boring. I started doing mostly local shows: I loaded up my inventory in my car and set up pop-up boutiques all over Houston. That’s truly the hardest work! Over time my audience grew as well as my use of technology. I figured out how to build email campaigns, set up a website, and I am continually learning social media strategies. There is always something new to learn! 

Why LuLaRoe?

I started my business when I was a full-time middle school English teacher.  As I approached thirty, I was ready to pursue motherhood. I knew that motherhood was an adventure I wanted to leave the classroom to pursue. I wanted to stay home and be a full-time mom. At that time, we prepared ourselves to take the loss in pay and figure out how we were going to deal with it, but I wanted more. How could I work a flexible job from home, raise babies, and still contribute to our household income? An opportunity presented itself in the form of an in-home clothing boutique: LuLaRoe.

With LuLaRoe, I could work as little or as much as I wanted in the evenings after school. I dreamt that I could build up my business while pregnant, quit teaching, and continue working my business at home. It was perfect! After deliberating with my husband and with some of the money I had saved up for a new car, I placed my first inventory order. I launched my boutique in August 2016 — the same month I started my sixth year of teaching and actively pursued pregnancy.

The first nine months were a blur of constant work, determination, and grit. My business was growing, and I could see the opportunity to match and exceed my teaching income quickly approaching, but I wasn’t pregnant yet. Could I justify quitting a steady paycheck that used my degree without a baby bump? I knew that if I was going to grow my business, I needed to dedicate more time to it. So, I took the plunge, quit my teaching job, and pursued my home-based business full-time!

A Dream Realized

I can genuinely say that I’ve never been happier! Spending my days styling outfits for women and inspiring confidence and body positivity is so rewarding. I have built a community of women and friends in Houston and across the nation who inspire one another through fashion. I continue to use my teaching experience to teach women how to style themselves, and I’ve been blessed to teach women how to build their own LuLaRoe businesses. But most of all, because of LuLaRoe, I’m was able to pay for my fertility testing and treatment — which eventually gave me my beautiful son.


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  • Sue

    I was introduced to LulaRoe through my niece who hosted an on line party with Robin. I had not had any prior experience with the clothing or style. No clue of fit, quality, etc. Bought a couple items at that time. Robin assisted with proper sizing based on my normal size. Let me just say that those 2 items are my two favorite pieces of what I own. Got away from it for awhile as have gone through a major life change. Recently came back and have treated myself to some new items that I love. The denim are AWESOME! Best fit in a jean. Robin is a doll, she is so obviously happy in what she is doing and believes in the product line. I look forward to getting out of my comfortable style and trying things outside of my norm. Ordered my first Kimono, fell in love and ordered 2 more!! Fun, stylish wear for us ladies that need to find their style. You won’t be disappointed!!!

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